Vauconsant is a specialist in servery counters, developing complete solutions for the catering and leisure sectors
The Canteens and staff restaurants are places for hospitality. They should be conducive to enjoying good food and relaxing. Vauconsant design high quality and elegant counters where people feel as comfortable as in a great restaurant.

Vauconsant provide comprehensive standard or custom solutions for the layout of your counters.

When you choose Vauconsant, you acquire an
exceptional product from a technical and aesthetic point of view.
Custom servery counters
Vauconsant caters for all your needs – school canteens, staff restaurants, sandwich bars … Vauconsant can build your servery counters from standard modules or to your own specifications by truly custom-built counters.

Quality - plain and simple
Vauconsant is driven by its determination to provide professionalism, quality, innovation, well-designed and extensive materials.

Each piece of equipment offers state-of-the-art solutions for keeping food hot or cold.
Just one look at the edge finishing, impeccable polishing and immaculate welding work of our servery counters is enough to understand what Vauconsant means by quality.

Tools of the trade
Professional servery equipment needs to be efficient, well designed and solid.
With Vauconsant at your service, you are guaranteed to get the reliability and expertise you require.